Survey Results

When can you expect results?

We are thrilled you are interested in the IYS data! We have finished creating all 2018 reports. Below is a list:


  • School Reports: 914 reports; login sent to school principals
  • District Reports: 204 reports; login sent to district superintendents
  • County Reports: 71 reports posted to the IYS website
  • Chicago Community Area (CCA) Community Reports: 23 reports posted to the IYS website
  • DFC Core Measures Reports (supporting DFC reporting requirements): 21 reports emailed to DFC coordinators. For more information, or if you are a newly funded DFC grant recipient, click here.
  • Drug Free Community (DFC) Community Reports: 17 DFC Community Area Frequency reports (including all IYS variables) emailed to DFC Coordinators
  • SPF PFS Sub-recipient Community Reports: 3 reports generated for sub-recipients with areas other than county; emailed to the SPF-PFS Coordinator
  • SAPP Provider Community Reports: 54 reports generated for sub-recipients with areas other than a county or district; 9 extra reports generated per requests from SAPP providers
  • Statewide Frequency Report: 1 statewide and 4 strata reports representing Illinois community types posted to the IYS website
This amounts to over 1,300 frequency reports based on 2018 IYS administration!

Providers or coalitions working with schools/districts are strongly encouraged to ask school/district administrators directly to share their school/district reports with them. There is no need for a Report Release if you get frequency reports directly from school/district administrators.


There are two tutorials available for schools to use to review their frequency reports and to go over how to use their data. These tutorials are listed below under Additional Resources to Understand and Use IYS Data.


There is an immense amount of information in the frequency reports; therefore all report users are encouraged to use these reports before making any additional requests. If these reports do not fulfill your needs, you can submit a request for special analysis or for raw data. The guidelines for these requests are changing for the 2020 administration year. Read more here.

What results can you expect?

Schools & Districts

Participating schools and districts receive a report of their own local results which are confidential to each site. Visit our school & district reports page for additional information. 

Counties/Chicago Community Areas

Once statewide surveying is complete, reports for counties and Chicago Community Areas (CCAs) are posted on our website. Visit our county reports and Chicago community area reports pages for additional information and to access these reports.


The The Statewide IYS Report is made available in the spring following administration. Visit our state reports page to access reports since 2006 and for additional information.

Additional resources to understand and use IYS data


  • Using the IYS Report Viewer
    This document provides a quick overview of using the IYS report viewer for accessing school reports.
  • 2018

  • Site Report Appendix 2018 - PDF
    Print this document for an overview of the questions asked on the 2018 IYS and what section they are found in your report.  Questions are listed in the order they were found on the 2018 IYS survey forms.
  • Site Report Appendix 2018 - Excel
    Use this document to electronically search for specific questions or filter the list down to specific sections or grade surveyed.  Questions are listed in the order they were found on the 2018 IYS survey forms.
  • VIDEO | 2018 IYS Report Tutorial (12:59)
    The purpose of this video is to familiarize you with the structure and content of the report, highlight what’s new in 2018, and to provide clarification and key points to keep in mind as you review your data.
  • VIDEO |2018 Using Your IYS Report (10:05)
    This video will take you through the process of locating data for a specific topic, in this case, bullying. You will become more familiar with the IYS report contents and how you might use this process to understand and integrate your IYS data with other information for planning.

    For information on national, state and local resources to respond to concerns or proactively address issues in your school and community, visit our links to key topics page.