Success Stories

"Conducting the IYS at our school has been a first step to identifying how we address the issues of alcohol and drug education and prevention. If we don't have any data about the problem, we don't know how to respond appropriately. The IYS also allows our community to know if what we are doing is working.  By surveying students before and after interventions, we can get a sense of how they are responding to the efforts we are implementing to minimize use."
~ Principal Dan Tully, Notre Dame College Prep, Niles
"Being a Deputy Sheriff who works with a local coalition, the Illinois Youth Survey is a great resource of information I can share with our community about the issues affecting our students."
~ Deputy John Shallenberger, Tazewell County Sheriff's Office
The Illinois Youth Survey is a highly valuable resource that provides insight into the availability of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21 in particular areas of the State. That data will allow the ILCC and other law enforcement agencies to better identify potential problem areas and to allocate resources where they are needed most."
~ Kenny Williams, Liquor Control Supervisor for the Central Region at the Illinois Liquor Control Commission 

"By providing insights into the behaviors and attitudes of Illinois youth, the Illinois Youth Survey serves as a useful tool in identifying potential highway safety problems and developing effective solutions to keep our roads safe for everyone."
~ Shannon Alderman, the Impaired Driving Program Coordinator at the Illinois Department of Transportation