Success Stories

  • "Conducting the IYS at our school has been a first step to identifying how we address the issues of alcohol and drug education and prevention. If we don't have any data about the problem, we don't know how to respond appropriately. The IYS also allows our community to know if what we are doing is working.  By surveying students before and after interventions, we can get a sense of how they are responding to the efforts we are implementing to minimize use."
~ Principal Dan Tully, Notre Dame College Prep, Niles

  • "From the beginning, [Wilmington Coalition for a Healthy Community (WCHC)] members placed great value on the data provided by the Wilmington School District’s Illinois Youth Survey report, using it to direct their efforts, especially in the area of underage drinking prevention.... It is important to note that the IYS is not the only data that WCHC relies upon, but it has been key to starting the necessary conversations that lead to additional data and the answers to the question, 'Why is this happening in our community?'"
~ Wilmington Coalition for a Healthy Community

  • "Prevention efforts targeted toward parents, communities, and students are much more effective when risk factors are identified and priorities are set in response to accurate data collected. IYS is a reliable touchstone for prevention planning."
~ Sharon Pohl, Chestnut Health Systems

  • “The shortest route to your destination on a GPS seems like it will yield a fast and efficient route, and sometimes it does. However, unexpected delays may appear without notice because conditions have changed, such as construction projects. When a SAP [Student Assistance Program] continues to follow the same path they have always followed, without the benefit of current information to guide them, it may initially seem like the shortest route to their destination but in reality it may actually be a delay in disguise. The Illinois Youth Survey is one of the most valuable sources for current information that can guide your SAP."
~ Except from the December 2010 newsletter for the Illinois Association of Student Assistance Professionals

  • “I believe the report we received based on our students' responses to the survey have helped us determine where we need to focus our attention when talking to our students regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. We believe this survey, along with all the programs offered in the community, are truly valuable in giving us the tools we need to assist our staff and students with further prevention knowledge."
~ Superintendent Thomas Amadio, School District 170

  • "The results from the IYS will give you a new perspective as to what students report are health and safety risks. The survey is comprehensive and provides data that will help drive programming, interventions, and overall community responses to the risk factors students face. The experiences of a child are not mutually exclusive between the school, community and home."
~ District Safety Coordinator John Heiderscheidt, School District U-46

  • "Utilizing data collected by the Illinois Youth Survey, the Asian Health Coalition has secured funding for the Coalition for Asian Substance Abuse Prevention (CASAP) from a variety of sources including the federal, state, and local levels to support substance abuse prevention initiatives in Chicago’s Chinatown. In addition to obtaining funding for the CASAP, the Asian Health Coalition also utilized local-data provided by the Illinois Youth Survey to develop an obesity prevention program for the Chinatown community."
~ Meme Wang & Heidi Alvarez, Asian Health Coalition