Opt-Out Notification

About 1 month before conducting the survey, parents/guardians should be notified so that they have the opportunity to withdraw or “opt out” their child from participating in the survey. It is assumed that parents who do not respond are allowing their child to participate. 


Schools must use at least two methods to notify parents that the IYS survey will be conducted. This is because a single method of sending notification home with students is not always sufficient to reach parents. All schools should send home the parent notification letter. Other methods to notify parents can include:

  • Information posted to school websites or social network page
  • Announcement at PTA meetings
  • Announcement via parent email/listservs sponsored by the school
  • Inclusion in school or classroom newsletters
Sample parent informational flyer (English/Spanish)
Sample parent informational flyer (English/Polish)

Written notification and electronic communication to parents should include a link to this page on the IYS website where parents can see, download, and sign the parent opt-out form available below.

 Parent Notification - English Form - Opens a Word Document           Parent Notification - Spanish Form - Opens a Word Document

Steps For Parent Notification

  1. Download each IYS survey form (8th and/or High School) that you expect to administer in your school and keep in your school office for parents who wish to see a hard copy of it.
  2. Decide which other method of communication you want to use to alert parents of the upcoming IYS survey. CPRD can provide sample "blurbs" you can use to create your message and have it ready to communicate in whichever communication vehicle you choose.
  3. At least 1 month before survey administration: 

    • Download the parent notification letter using the buttons above and print as many copies as students in the classrooms that will be surveyed; and 
    • Send the parent notification letter home to give parents an opportunity to review the survey (on the IYS website or in the school office) and to exercise the option to refuse permission for their child to participate in the survey.  
  4. The School IYS Coordinator (or someone appointed by the school administrator) should collect the returned parent opt-out forms to ensure that parents' desire for non-participation is followed. The School IYS Coordinator should provide, to the teachers administering the survey, the names of the students whose parents do not want them to participate. All returned parental opt-out forms should remain at the school for 1 year.
  5. Prior to administration, students whose parents do not want their child to participate should be provided an alternative and neutral activity (quiet reading) in the classroom.