Conducting Survey

The Illinois Youth Survey is available to schools for administration via traditional paper/pencil format or online. Schools will chose their type of surveying at registration and can modify this choice during confirmation before materials are packed or shipped. Schools can select a split administration where one full grade surveys online and the other via paper by indicating their choice by grade. Both the online and paper surveys are available in English. The Spanish survey is available online only.

Survey Administration Options
This document outlines the pros and cons of both the online and paper survey administration options, describes software, hardware, and network settings required for the online survey, and provides general tips for conducting the online survey within the school.

Survey Format Options


Online Survey Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
  • No paper survey materials to handle or ship
  • No cost to schools for participation or reports
  • Students can often complete the survey in less time than the paper format
  • Access to survey results can be quicker than paper administration
  • More proctor responsibility when monitoring the survey process to ensure all students have a chance to survey but no student takes the survey more than once
  • Depending on the number of computers available, may require multiple survey days if all students cannot participate at once
  • Need to check hardware, software, and network requirements to ensure capacity exists in your building


Paper Survey Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
  • Familiar administration method
  • No cost to schools for participation or reports
  • All participating grade levels can complete surveying in one day
  • All materials are provided, including pre-sharpened pencils
  • Paper survey materials can be misplaced
  • Completed surveys need to be returned to CPRD (shipping is prepaid)
  • May require more time for reports to be generated after completed surveys are returned

New to IYS? Start here

This short presentation will give you a broad overview of the IYS process, and it answers the questions we are asked most often. There is no audio and it takes about 3 minutes to view.