Recruitment Materials

Ready to recruit schools for the IYS but not sure what steps to take? Use these easy-to-read, printable materials and videos to make your recruitment efforts a success.


Still have a few lingering questions? The IYS Coordinator would love to help! Just contact us.

Name & Description of IYS Materials

Alderman Emma Mitts Support Letter
Support letter from 37th Ward Alderman Emma Mitts

Chicago Department of Public Health Support Letter
Support letter from the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, Dr. Allison Arwady

Westside Black Elected Officials Support Letter
Support letter from Westside Black Elected Officials Alderman Emma Mitts and Congressman Danny K. Davis

Sample Promotional Presentation for Providers
Make this IYS sample presentation to schools your own by personalizing with your agency information.

IYS Recruitment Tips
Use this document to get ready for meetings with school personnel. It includes preparation tips and a list of IYS talking points.

IYS General Info Flyer
This document includes all the critical information to help school personnel understand the IYS.

Survey Administration Options
This document outlines the pros and cons of the online and paper survey administration options.

Frequently Asked Questions
A shorter version of the website FAQ that answers frequently asked questions about the Illinois Youth Survey.

Paper Registration Form for Providers
School is ready to register but wants your help? Use this form to gather necessary information so you can register the school.