Looking for information on sound strategies based on the latest research? The following resources are a great start to help you respond to concerns or proactively address issues in your school and community.

National resources

research, national trends, materials

  • The Suicide Prevention Resource Center promotes a public health approach to suicide prevention. The site includes research, facts and figures, materials and information on best practices in suicide prevention. will open in a new window

State resources

state trends, support for Illinois communities

  • Prevention First is a nonprofit organization that provides training and technical assistance in substance abuse prevention to schools and state-funded agencies throughout Illinois.
  • CPS has numerous resources for students in need of health clinics, mental health resources, food assistance, healthy relationships, alcohol and substance use, housing, and LGBTQ+ services.
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  • IYS Resources on Vaping, Tobacco, & Cannabis Use includes curricula and other resources to assist communities in prevention education.
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  • Using IYS Data provides a handy way to help schools, providers, and communities navigate their IYS data.
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Local resources

connection to local services and providers