Online Survey

Conducting the IYS online

Schools registered to administer the online survey will receive an email with a user ID and password approximately 1 month before their intended survey date. To access the online survey, click on the Login flag at the top of the page and select "Online Survey".

The IYS is approved as an in-school survey only. Do not administer the survey during remote learning or ask students to complete the survey from home.

Equipment Needed for Online Surveying
An Internet connection, either through a LAN (T1, etc.), WiFi, or
with an individual modem, connected to an Internet Service Provider.
Network Requirements

The network must allow traffic to and from the survey site
and have the capacity to accommodate the number of students
surveying simultaneously.
Operating Systems and Browsers

    Windows 10
    Microsoft Edge, v94 or higher
    Google Chrome, v94 or higher
    Mozilla Firefox, v78 or higher

    Chrome OS on Chromebook
    Google Chrome, v88 or higher

    Safari, v14.1 or higher