Register online or by phone


Registration takes 5-10 minutes. You will need to have the information below on hand before you register. If you are
not sure of specific dates or numbers, provide your best estimate.

Required Registration Information

  • Current building principal name, phone, and email
  • School IYS contact name, title, phone, and email
  • Name and contact information of person registering the school
  • Grade levels that will participate and their current enrollments
  • Tentative survey date
  • End of spring break date
  • Your school's decision about optional questions and volunteers
    • To learn more about optional questions, click here
    • To learn more about volunteers, click here

Online Registration

If you are registering for both high school and middle school grades, please make sure you register two separate schools if that is how you report to ISBE (the IYS school list is the same as ISBE). Middle and high schools may be listed as separate schools even if they are in the same building. If you are not sure, send us an email and we’ll tell you!! This difference is especially important because each school will receive a different login and have access to the appropriate versions of the survey only.


To register, click on the button below.

Start registration process - Opens new window

Phone Registration

To register by phone (or ask questions), call 888-333-5612 and ask for an IYS Coordinator.